Toca Kitchen 2 App Reviews

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Sounds very fun at the start but as you play after 2 or 3 days it gets old and well... Not fun.

Very good game but it can be better

It would be fun if there would pimentos, bananas, ham, nuts, egg, ice cube and cheese .Also a machine that can make food combinations to create a new aliment.(ex: french fries with brown gravy and cheese give poutine).

I would give 5 stars but...

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!but I wish they a would add more stuff and make the people/monster eat the food them sefts and it would be awesome if you can make a person to eat the food


This game is way better than the last and it has more food choices! You can also make juice which I think is very cool! Its the best app ever!


Be Abel to make SOUP in the pot with broth and your own ingredients with the food!!

Kids love this app

Many peaceful hours in the car can be attributed to this app


Why cant you make this game for iPad 1

Please update soon

I still play the game and so do other people and so I am hoping that you will update with new features so the game will be even more fun.

Things too add

U should add a soup maker, ice machine, apples bananahs, Milk, BBQ, pork chops, cheese and gravy, french fries maker, more characters, and u should be able to make thanksgiving dinners

Add ice and soup pumpkin

Well I love this app because now u can mix things etc.. But I suggest to add a soup option and add milk for drinks bananas for fruit and sugar for seasoning plz!!!! also add more food items lkke pumpkin

Very fun!

I really like this game but can you add bowl so that they can make soup and also a stacking station where you can stack things and make sandwiches and stuff please add!

Needs more

Bad needs more food but good has food fix the glitches needs a new update lower your standards and crazy prices but love it best game forever and always will be pls lower to 2.50 or even better 2.00 1.99 or 3.00 to keep it even Steven

Love it but...

I love this game but can u add chocolate and can u make the people be more grossed out by the drinks and make more expressions when they eat the food! Thank u other wise awesome game!!!!


This game was fun when I started, but after you play the game for 2 days, it gets boring. There are not a lot of things you can do, except for burning random foods, putting toppings on then and feeding them. If there were more things to do, I would give it a higher rating, but for now, it seems like a waste of money.

FUN toca is a great game maker

so much fun i love how you can make drinks out of anything

update please

add more things its starting to get boring! I love the format so dont change that, but add like a soup maker and a masher or a salad or icecream in it pleaseeeeeeeeee

Burn it baker

I like the game but can you make it so you can over cook and under cook food also maybe a baking option

Its the go-to app on the iPad

We have had this game for about a year, and its the one they keep going back to! My 6 and 4 year old especially love making the monster fall over when he doesnt like what he is fed. Lots of fun!

Add please

I love the app but there should be a bowl so we can mix ingredients together.

Add more stuff

Pls pls add more stuff in getting bored, stuff like peelers , popcorn poppers, other machines

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