Toca Kitchen 2 App Reviews

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Good, but...

So, this is a fun and engaging app. It really is. My only concern is that there is not a lot of food to work with. Other than that, this is a MUST!!!

Its really fun! But....

Its really fun when you first get it but after you have it for a while it gets kind of boring it NEEDS an update more people, new appliances, new food anything but it is really funny to play

Needs more

Add more food and i might give 5 star

Love this game and I have an idea for another

I love this game thank u so much toca boca and I have an idea for a game similar to this. Its called toca desert. Its where there are the same people (but thats ur choice) and instead of feeding them dinner and stuff u make them awesome desserts! But instead of picking them u get to mix the batter and stuff like that and also u can make one thats on a recipe in the game or make ur own! Plz add this.


Dear Toca Boca AB, -> I really love your new app, Toca Kitchen 2. I love all the foods and the way to manipulate them. But I want to make some suggestions. For instance, wouldnt it be cool to add like Brussel sprouts and ananas. Just more food and toppings plz! It really needs an update fast because I paid money for this app and Im starting to get bored add more stuff plz!

Awesome game, could use some updates.

This game is AMAZING. Even people older than eight may enjoy it! But you can update some things, like, for instance, more foods to use. The spaghetti should separate when its boiling. Make it that you can make sandwich. Add a grill or something, or add a thing where it says its time for dinner, lunch, or breakfast. Add missions, like "Can you make a breakfast using only these ingredients?" Add more characters like some animals and MAYBE you can make it that people can take there own pictures and have there own characters! You can do any of these, or all of them! Sorry for the long paragraph.

One of the best cooking games!

Another beautiful edition to the long line of Toca Boca games. Ive played Toca kitchen before and the second edition is definitely an improvement. More fridge space, more ways to cook, even a different way to cut, with of course, more condiments. The characters are more reactive than the first. No constant adds or in-app purchases to disdract you from gameplay. I also love how the game doesnt bug you with notifications telling you to play. Overall this is an amazing new cooking game for me and I hope that more of your games have second editions. Thank you for reading this review, and if you are considering bying this game, I have nothing against you.

Awesome game

For future updates can we have sugar for lemonade and butter for baked potatoes and also bacon; )

Make a third plz

Great app but I would want the creators to make a third one but the third one would have to be free and in the game have more ingredients more ways to cook and should have a cook book to cook things like for example if you want to make a cake you would go to the cook book and the cook book would tell you what ingredients, then you would grab them and they should add a mixing bowl so you could mix the batter and you would but in the oven. Next then it would be nice Id they have the choice to decorate it with different color frostings and sprinkles.

Not my fave


If you have an iPad dont waste your money!!!!!

Absolutely no sound no settings to change or add sound! None of the toca boca apps have any sound on my daughters iPad!

Great for multiple ages!

Im a 16 year old girl & every once in awhile I do reach for this game. The real reason I have it on here though is for my younger siblings. I would say this game particularly reached out to ages 3-8 (of course ages above can play at will


It needs more foods and more stuff to cook it and to be able too make cake and pancakes and muffins it just needs more to make it better

Great!...But it could use some work

I think it is a fun game but the food keeps disappearing! Its SOOO annoying! HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

It wont download

This game used to be so fun until the update when I updated the game I waited and waited after 24 hours later I decide to delete it than download it again but than it did the same thing but this time I couldnt delete it so than I went to setting than I couldnt get out or turn off my iPhone I had to wait until my iPhone died than once I recharged it the game was gone. Please fix this! I love this game and nothing ever bad had happen except this one time.

Good but needs some finishing touches

I really like this app, it is a fun app to be on when you are bored. This is a good app but I feel that it needs more options for the food because I feel that it only has a little bit and if it had more this app would be much more awesome that it is for me now

Great and fun game!

I just got this game and at first it seemed dumb but actually its a great game! Its fun to make food and see how people would react. It would be fun if you could add more emotions the people give when they eat your food. Other than that its a fun game!

read this please

this app is great!!! I love how you can do whatever you please and there arent directions telling you what you must do. I feel like Im actually cooking when I get to choose exactly what I want to make and how I make it. this app is absolutely perfect

So so

Its kinda bad but kinda good, so its ok I guess, you should also add instructions in case others cant make it or dont understand, its kinda a waste of money. For little kids

Really good but here are a few ideas

1. Ok so can you please add more characters? That would be AWSOME! 2. When the characters eat a lot can they like get fatter? And when they eat healthy food they turn back. If so that would be hilarious! 3. Can you please add a baking station so like you could bake cake and cupcakes? 4. Like the other reviews, it would be nice to melt stuff. Here are all of my ideas, thanks!

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